Doctorate in Visual Art (2011-16)

In June 2016, I successfully defended by doctorate in visual art at the MAD Faculty (PXL/University of Hasselt), where I had been studying since 2011. My dissertation was comprised of the feature-length documentary The Uprising, together with an extended theoretical essay on the underlying videos used in the making of the film, and a personal memoir of my creative practice over the period 2011-2013.

My promoter was Prof Dr Erik Moonen, and my co-promoter was Dr Sofie Gielis, ably assisted by my doctoral committee composed of Drs Wendy Morris, Leen Engelen and Samah Selim. My examiners were Professors Macolm Le Grice, Dork Zabunyan and Mohammed Bamyeh. The defence was held at the Kunstencentrum Belgie on 17 June, preceded the night before by a public screening of the film, a new performance piece with Scali Delpeyrat and Hilde Pexsters, and a debate on the Arab Spring five years on with Maher Hamoud, Saraa Saleh and Mathijs van de Sande, chaired by Roger Huismans.


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November 2, 2014