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My latest article discusses the place of computer games in the imagination of the Arab revolutions:

“Game over Mubarak”: the Arab Revolutions and the Gamification of Everyday Life, Fast Capitalism, vol 11 no 1, 2014.

A first overview of my research into the YouTube videos made by the actors of the Arab revolutions can be found here:

“The revolution *will* be uploaded: vernacular video and the Arab Spring”  , Culture Unbound, Volume 6, 2014, 401–429.

The close reading of a single video from Libya that makes up the second half of that essay was published separately in the Egyptian web magazine Mada Masr to mark the third anniversary of the Libyan uprising:

“Libya: The shadow of the people”, Mada Masr, 18 February 2014

I also contributed a short discussion of a video from Syria to the In Media Res theme week on Circulating Pain curated by Matthew Ferrari and Matt Smith:

“Distorting the pain of others”, in media res, 4 April 2014

My research into these videos has led me to a wider curiosity about the first-person experience of “ordinary” revolutionaries throughout history, which resulted in a review of Jacques Guilhaumou’s memoir, Cartographier la nostalgie. L’utopie concrète de mai 68, in Lectures, 24 October 2013 (in French).

I have also been fascinated by the relationship between the YouTube video aesthetic, and that of video games. I learned a great deal about the latter by reviewing Mathieu Triclot’s book Philosophie des jeux vidéo (Paris, Zones, 2011) for Espacestemps.net: “Un rêve tissé par le calcul”,  22 April 2013 (in French).

I have developed these ideas further in an essay that is forthcoming in Fast Capitalism, and in a paper I gave at Video Vortex #9 in April 2013. You can see that talk in the hybrid online reader (which is itself a work of art). The text of the talk has been published (offline, on paper) in French translation in the third number of Smala Cinema magazine under the title “Jouer la révolution”.


“Surabaya Jimmy”Evergreen Review, 130, spring 2012.

“Where are the soldiers?”, Blueprint Review, 26, December 2010.  (Also available here in French).

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November 3, 2014