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This is a, for now, disorderly assembly of links to places on the web to which I find myself, for one reason or another, repeatedly returning.

Some bear directly on the issues raised in my writings on this site, others have more to do with my film and art work, and yet others may appear to have nothing to do with either of those. Most of them are, at least, virtual places of real beauty -  idiosyncratic ecosystems nested deep inside the world wide web, viable, hospitable and genuinely welcoming.

In time, I may try and put some order into this assembly. For now, I simply leave them in the order in which they arose.

  • Hypsography: a field guide. The writings, photographs and wonderful typography of Christopher Boone, denizen of the Klamath–Siskiyou bioregion. (The fonts on his blog are even more delightful).
  • Quiet American. Some of the most remarkable things ever done with field recordings, and the origin of my some-time obsession with headworn binaural microphones. You could spend several days just working your way through all the work archived here – and then start all over again.
  • Transom. Jay Allison’s showcase for new public radio – including a lot of work which might not have existed if it had to depend on public radio to make it happen…
  • Dé The most thoughtful cinema review now published. (But then I would say that, wouldn’t I, as they distribute my films?). In French (surprise, surprise).