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This site takes up where the vernacular weblog I used to write on edublogs left off. That blog was in itself a combination of words and images, including my own photographs, which was new for me.

I hope to assemble here, in a bottom-up grassroots spontaneously emergent order, a wide range of the things I do which are not directly related to making films or video art.

The original vernacular weblog can now be found on this site in the Archives section.

If you’re interested in my moving image work, please check out the Gourna Films website.

A note on images: most of the images on this site are cropped or resized for display in posts. If you click on the image, you can view it full size and/or full frame (try it with the image just above). If that doesn’t work, then it is probably because the image is sourced from another website by hyperlink, rather than stored here. Thanks to the wonderful Shadowbox plug-in for making this possible!